About Us

Noyongo Developers is at the forefront to help its stakeholders translate and articulate the plans, initiatives, projects as well as the processes of implementation in order to alleviate poverty. To educate, create jobs, reconstruct and develop realistic mechanisms. The strategies will help Noyongo Developers to diversify productive national activities that will enhance national competitiveness in order to place South Africa on the path to sustainable growth and development. Noyongo Developers was registered in 2004 as a close corporation and its related services working with the public and the private sector. South Africa is currently faced with a profound legacy of poverty and inequality in the previously marginalized communities. The socio-economic rights in the 1996 Constitution demands South Africans’ commitment to poverty alleviation, job creation, reconstruction and development as well as the eradication of the imbalances of the past. The political climate of the past did not encourage the majority of South Africans to benefit from fasteners and its related services. Noyongo Developers is prepared to play a major role in the development of the South African economy, and also in line with policies to promote capacity building, empowerment and efficient judicious supply, distribution and offering services in fasteners and its related services.

Our Vision

The vision of NOYONGO DEVELOPERS is to be a high standard world leader in fasteners and its related services through: § Partnership § Collaboration with all stakeholders in fasteners and its related services


NOYONGO DEVELOPERS understands the fasteners and its related services as some of the most critical success factors to chart business relationship.
Our values are:
§  Client orientation
§  Honesty
§  Competency
§  Highest safety standard
§  Fairness
§  Quality services and assurance


Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of South Africa by:

§  Pursuing and making a difference in fasteners and its related strategic need in our country.
§  Alleviate poverty by being at the forefront to uplift the disadvantaged communities in South Africa.
§  Working collaboratively with all stakeholders.